Landscaping and emergency gardening services in Richmond

We offer a variety of gardening services at affordable prices.



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Lawn and yard maintenance

The most important part of keeping a garden green and clean is quality maintenance services.

Our landscaping experts help keep your front and back yard looking sharp every time.

Contact us today and ask about our affordable prices and quality maintenance services.

Why should you maintain your garden?

A well-maintained garden offers many more benefits than you may realize.

Keeps your home safe
It may not seem important, but a clean garden helps keep your home safe from pests and small critters. Dry grass buildup and neglected areas are the perfect breeding ground for them.
Healthy plants
Regular maintenance not only makes your garden look great but it ensures that your plants stay healthy and strong. Pruning also allows for sunshine to seep through and promotes plant growth.
Increases property value
Keeping your garden in tip-top shape also vastly improves the appearance of your home and can even increase your property’s value.
Keeping your garden clean is easy
For a garden that is always clean and impeccable, your best option is Landscaping the Economic and our complete gardening services.

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