Tree services at affordable prices

Tree removal, trimming, maintenance, pruning, and much more! 

Emergency tree services 

Need to remove a tree, cut branches, or require any other emergency service? We’re readily available to help you in any situation. 

Tree removal services

Do you need to have a tree removed immediately or are having trouble removing the roots without damaging your property? Our team of highly skilled professionals are here to help you.

Don’t risk causing irreversible damage by trying to save a little bit of money, Landscaping the Economic can help you at an affordable price. 

man wearing a neon shirt cleaning a garden with a shavel
two bushes next to the stairs of a house

Tree trimming and pruning

Keeping your trees properly maintained, trimmed, and pruned not only helps improve their development but also gives a cleaner appearance.

Our tree maintenance experts make anything possible all at a low price. 

How do you properly trim a tree?

Tree trimming may seem like a simple task, but doing it wrong can put your tree at risk. 

Avoid trimming in the Fall
Pruning a tree stimulates growth, but doing so during the Fall can jeopardize the tree and even kill it.
Don’t trim off flower buds
Cutting off buds in the Fall can stunt the development and growth of certain trees in Spring. To avoid any of these mistakes, call the experts at Landscaping the Economic.

Palm tree services

Palm trees are a great way to make your home stand out, but it’s also a maintenance-heavy plant.

Landscaping the Economic is the most affordable solution for your palm tree maintenance.

Contact us today for an estimate! 

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